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In journalism, there is such a criterion of information as its uniqueness. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this criterion when presenting a particular material. If, for example, you have already read a report from a rally in defense of animals in one publication, you are unlikely to be interested in the same material elsewhere.

Our main task for the reader is to search for unique, inaccessible places, about which very little is known in the mass media. And then: the most detailed coverage of them on the network. What are these places?

  • [abandoned] - Firstly, these are literally forgotten places. Abandoned. Those that have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time, but at the same time have survived surprisingly.
  • [unedrground] - Secondly, these are underground “cities”. Various dungeons that people have forgotten too. Such places make us marvel at their existence even more when you and I walk on the surface, not even guessing what might be under our feet.
  • [travel] - Thirdly, these are wild, or simply little-known natural locations. The purest lakes, mountain rivers, wild caves, deep gorges. Places where you want to escape from the bustle of the city and enjoy their beauty for a very long time.

All these categories, although different, are often intertwined. So, for example, a bunker - in addition to being underground, may still be abandoned, and in a report on a tourist trip there may be abandoned adits, formally underground.

We attach great importance to the novelty of information for our reader, and if in the posts you find something new and interesting for yourself, this will be the best compliment for our work. The search for the unknown is what unites us. The uniqueness of information is our main task.

Unexplored World Team

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