Virtual tour of Metrostroy

Hello everyone! The project team and I shot very cool and interesting material for you. This is a virtual tour from three construction sites of the Moscow Metro, consisting of thirteen 3-D panoramas! The materials were filmed legally (without violating the requirements of the current legislation), but unofficially. We had to change into work uniforms, disguise ourselves as builders and constantly answer the questions “What are we doing here?”.

Before starting viewing, I would like to draw your attention to several technical points: First, all panoramas are presented in different projections. If you are watching them from a computer, you can right-click and switch between views. If you look from the phone - when loading the panorama is displayed in stereographic projection, after - in rectilinear projection. You can rotate it in stereography during loading, then release it, wait and, after loading, rotate it in a straight line. Secondly, in some cases, panoramas can be loaded, but look poor quality (as if pixilated). All you need to do is reload the web page. After that the panoramas will be displayed correctly. Thirdly, the location of the marks on the virtual tour from the Big Circle Line is somewhat different from the actual location of engineering objects. This is done for the convenience of perception of panoramas.

That's all! Now let's enjoy!

Using the three buttons below, you can open virtual tours and walk around the construction of the subway on your own! Also, on each slide in the gallery there is a link to a separate panorama.

The first site is a deep reconstruction of stations, stages and all utilities on the Kakhovskaya metro line.

The second site - opened on December 31 (at the time of filming: under construction) station "Electrozavodskaya" of the Nekrasovskaya metro line. The station in the future will become a major transport hub, which will include the station of the same name on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line, the Electrozavodskaya platform of the Kazan and Ryazan directions of the Moscow railway. The constructed station in the future will be part of the large circular metro line.

The third site - tunnels and stations of the Bolshaya Koltsovaya Line from Savelovskaya to Rzhevskaya. In the panoramas, you can see the future Rzhevskaya station, a cable collector that will supply electricity to a large ring, as well as an assembly chamber for a tunnel shield and much more.

PS On behalf of this project, several official letters were sent to the press service of the Moscow Metrostroy with a request for panoramic photography, but after two months of waiting, there was no response. We are sincerely sorry that the management of the organization does not want to see really good photographers specializing in underground photography at metro construction sites for several years now, although the official Mosmetrostroy website is regularly updated with fresh images from construction sites. However, it's okay, we can handle it without you!

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