Reference Cast: Abandoned Hotel Complex

"If it weren't for the moldy walls and crumbling ceilings, I wouldn't have thought the hotel was abandoned."

Today I want to share with you a place that has received the title of "reference cast" among all previously visited abandoned places. This title does not mean that this is the coolest abandoned object, because someone in the exploration of the unknown likes the scale of locations, someone: the atmosphere of devastation and entropy - you cannot please everyone. However, it made, perhaps, the most vivid impression on me and forever turned my understanding of how an abandoned object should look like. Meet: Mountain View Hotel Complex. 

This object was included in top 3 coolest locationswhere I've ever been. Two other places are also published on the site, these are: Baikonur Cosmodrome and Abandoned Rosreserve vault.

Mountain View consists of two historic buildings from the 1850s with a total area of 6,500 m². In 1976 and 1979, both buildings were completely renovated and restored. The interiors of the hotel are made in the urban palace style of early historicism, and the hotel itself is equipped with modern medical and medical equipment.

Chapter 1. Entrance

In this chapter, we will get acquainted with the main interiors of the hotel, look at the corridors connecting the rooms with all other premises, and also visit the hotel lobby.

In the early evening we arrived in the city. It was a small provincial town located in a wide range of mountains. Entertainment here: count on the fingers. More precisely, on two fingers of one hand: alpine skiing and spa. Most people come here in winter, because you can't go skiing in summer, and there are mountains in other regions that are much less inaccessible. And even in winter, it is not always possible to meet crowds of tourists on the streets of a glorious town. In other words: the hotel business is not doing well.

In summer, the city leads an even quieter and more measured life. There are no tourists on the streets at all, so there are only local people walking their dogs or taking a late afternoon jog in the fresh air. In the evenings, the city becomes a little livelier: the hotel attendants gather at the only cafe in the city to talk about the essentials. More often than not, these conversations end in heated debates about where to look for work when the next hotel closes.

But today, as if some kind of alarming situation reigned in the air, and everyone felt it, but no one dared to speak. When we entered the cafe, the clock was already half past seven. Usually at this time the local chef finishes his work and goes home, and only modest snacks for the foam remain from the food. But today some big-shot came to town, like the director of a hotel chain, so the cook had to stay a little longer.

Chapter 2. Rooms

In this chapter, we will show you the countless variety of rooms available at the Mountain View Hotel. Most of the rooms are in excellent condition, but some have moldy walls and crumbling ceilings.

We were quite pleased with this news, because we managed to get pretty hungry for 6.5 hours of the road. As I was finishing my last piece of chop, a stern man, about 65, came into the cafe, wearing a hat. As it turned out later: it was Harry Teferson, a prominent businessman from the hotel business. Those gathered in the cafe were no longer so animated by small talk, they were more interested in Harry's arrival. Teferson sat at the bar, ordered food, and asked for a pint of local draft. Absolutely at ease, as if oblivious to the sideways gazes, Teferson finished his supper and pushed his beer towards him.

Since my friend and I were very curious and constantly took each other weakly, I came up with an unusual idea - to get Harry talking and find out: what is the reason for his sudden visit to the city. I sat down at ease, ordered a Guinness and tried to start the conversation with a casual conversation about the weather. Surprisingly, Harry quite willingly supported her. Contrary to my expectations, Teferson did not look tired or tense, on the contrary: he seemed to be somewhat agitated and agitated. When I asked why our lands inspire him so much, Teferson began his story.

In the distant years, his great-grandfather worked as an adviser to the emperor and often visited here. Before, everything was not the same as it is now. The quiet town was a bustling tourist center, and the local healing springs were heard by almost everyone in the country. But what is really there - many world-famous people came to visit here from distant lands. Among the guests of local guest houses and mansions were: Wilhelm I, Otto von Bismarck, Arthur Schopenhauer, Franz Schubert, Dostoevsky, later - Khrushchev, Chaliapin, Kosygin, Gogol ... And this is not an exhaustive list.

During the days when Teferson's great-grandfather served the empire, he received a modest piece of land in the historic center of the city as a reward for his faithful service. Although the area of ownership was small, at that time it was a great success to get even the smallest piece of land in such a popular place among the intelligentsia. Having formalized the land in ownership, Harry's great-grandfather built a small villa with his own hands, which often began to serve as a shelter for close and distant relatives of the Teferson family who came to visit our area.

The stunning view of the waterfalls, opening through the sash of the window, as well as the hospitality of the Tefersons did their job, and soon the friends of the family began to take an interest in the villa, and then their friends. So Teferson began to take a modest payment for parking on his estates, and after that his grandson founded his hotel business on this land.

By the time Harry came of age, his father already owned three hotels in different parts of the country, one of which was on the family land. Harry's father died a few years ago, and two hotels were sold by the same major hotel chain due to Harry's inability to pull their service alone. However, he decided to keep the hotel in his native land with him and invest in it the proceeds from the sale of the other two. - So you came for the Mountain View Hotel? - I specified. Harry nodded his head in response. I have not been in it for over 5 years, he added. After the death of his father, the hotel was launched and last year it did not go through a state inspection, which is why it is still under mothballing. Two pints of beer later, Harry invited my friend and I to walk around the hotel together, adding that it was quite an exciting and solemn moment for him.

We went to the main entrance, unlocked the lock, which looked to be about 50 years old, and went inside. Harry started talking about the hotel complex. Mountain View consists of two historic buildings from the 1850s with a total area of 6,500 m². In 1976 and 1979, both buildings were completely renovated and restored. The interiors of the hotel are made in the urban palace style of early historicism, and the hotel itself is equipped with modern medical and medical equipment. Apart from the old TVs, the hotel looked fresh enough.

Only in some of the rooms did the ceilings slightly crumble and the walls became moldy. The hotel complex turned out to be very large and varied. Wandering with us through the endless labyrinths of the hotel complex, Harry kept telling us what he would change at the hotel. In his intonation, there was some kind of endless love for every corner of the historic building, in which the family hotel complex was located.

After spending more than 4 hours under the same roof with Harry, we ourselves began to feel like guests of the hotel. When the long walk came to an end, we thanked Teferson for the interesting excursion and wished him good luck and good luck in the hotel field.

Three years later, I drove near the town where the Teferson hotel was located, and decided why not stop by Harry's. Before heading to the hotel, I ran into the same pub for a little snack. There were very few people in it, although the time was already approaching evening. Making an order, I decided to ask if Harry Teferson was in town, to which the bartender shrugged his shoulders at ease and replied that he didn’t know. This surprised me a lot, because Harry was a fairly prominent person in the city even without his hotel.

Having hastily finished with dinner, I hastened towards the hotel, but what was my surprise when, on the site of the hotel, I found a vacant lot surrounded by a metal fence. Afterwards, I was told that due to the seismically active situation, the hotel's foundation had become unusable, and repairs with the preservation of the building's load-bearing structures were fabulously expensive.

Despite Harry's great desire to keep the interiors of the hotel complex intact, repairing the foundation, along with the restoration of the hotel, did not fit into his budget. After some time, the municipal authorities decided to demolish the hotel complex. Since then, nothing has been built in its place.

We can only enjoy the remains of the grandeur of an abandoned hotel.

Chapter 3. Service

In this chapter, we will walk through the premises, without which the operation of any hotel is impossible. These are premises under the close scrutiny of the staff, including: laundry, kitchen, dining rooms and bars, as well as a recreation area.

In the hotel, the service area included: a laundry room, which was used to wash bed linen, a kitchen that seemed too small for the restaurant areas located in the hotel, and, in fact, three restaurant areas and one self-service area.

Chapter 4. Spa

In this chapter, we will get acquainted with the hotel's spa complex, which includes a sauna, a Finnish bath, and healing baths.

The hotel's spa complex turned out to be quite modest. It includes a sauna, a Finnish bath, and several baths. But the treatment area of the hotel complex occupies quite an impressive area in comparison with the spa area.

Chapter 5. Healthcare

In this chapter, we will walk you through the rooms of the Mountain View Hotel's health complex. In addition to the sauna complex, the hotel has a real gym, its own solarium, treatment rooms and diagnostic rooms, as well as an isolator and sensory deprivation chambers!

Chapter 6. Conclusion

Fast forward to 2016. We arrived in the city late in the evening. It was a small provincial town located in a wide range of mountains. He was famous in narrow circles thanks to the countless number of abandoned buildings of varying degrees of preservation. On one street here you could find from 2 to 6 abandoned buildings! Meanwhile, the city itself is quite alive, and even is a kind of local tourist center. Arriving in the city, we first of all began to look for a place to sleep, which was one abandoned hotel in a rather depressing state. Having spent the night there, we did not even know about the availability of an alternative in the form of "Mountain View", where it was so clean and comfortable that we were not even disgusted to sleep in a bed without a sleeping bag. We just changed the old linen (dust settled on it a little) for a new washed set from the laundry. It was so comfortable here that we stayed in the hotel for three days. For three whole days we lived in an abandoned hotel (!), getting out of it during the day to walk around the city or take pictures of other abandoned locations. The rest of the time, our entire team hung out within the walls of the room, chatting about everyone over a cup of tea. The hotel had everything. From medical equipment, gymnastic mattresses and balls, to a full kitchen, TVs, bicycles (!), Mozart chocolates, Coca Cola (!!), alcohol (!!!). The latter, however, was 10 years old (not according to storage conditions), but something could even be drunk. The whole complex is very confusing and large, wandering around it, we often lost each other, but in this case the walkie-talkies helped a lot. On the second day of our stay at MountainView, we were so lazy that walking around the city turned into a rare attempt to get out of the hotel between meals and sleep. However, these attempts were rewarded with other interesting abandoned locations.

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