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Visiting the President: Departmental Bunker

At one time, various civil defense structures were actively built for senior government officials throughout Russia: both deep and not very. A lot of money is still being spent on the maintenance of such facilities, and these "privileged" bunkers are nowadays better preserved than others. It is very, very difficult to visit an underground facility that has even the slightest relation to the President of the Russian Federation. However, there are literally a few of these bunkers across the country, and getting into them is no more difficult than getting to your own home. In one of them we will walk with you today. It is unlikely that the president will ever hide in it, but for those who are interested in what “hideouts for officials” look like, welcome to cat.

It happens that you really want to get to some place. You spend hours thinking about how to do it. You develop cunning plans and spend a lot of time in the penetration operation itself. But in vain. Then you forget about the place, and, it would seem, everything is over, but suddenly you happen to be nearby. Here, by chance, everything develops in your favor. The doors open, the sensors are turned off, and the attendant unexpectedly leaves the facility, leaving it at your disposal. This is exactly the story that happened to our team when we tried to get into the bunker of one department that had some relation to the president.
Back in 2012, we came, knocked on the ventilation of this building for 7 hours and left, frustrated by failures.
In the summer of 2015, by chance, we spent 15 minutes on penetration.

You never know for sure what exactly awaits you behind one or another hermetic door. For example, when we got into a bomb shelter located under the Mikoyan meat-packing plant, we expected to see a huge protective structure, fully equipped, ready to receive people. In fact, the shelter turned out to be really large, but completely empty.

So here: you stand and wonder what is inside? Even the fact that the airtight door looks fresh enough does not always mean that the place is working. There are also cases when the inside is complete ruin, despite the fact that the pressurized doors are freshly painted, and the cases are reversed: the pressurized doors are old and rusty, and behind them is a full-fledged, functioning, well-groomed facility.

A couple of light hand movements and the massive steel door opens. But it is too early to rejoice that it was closed only to the steering wheel (and not to some kind of lock from the inside). There is another similar door ahead, since there must be a gateway in any civil defense facility. The second one may well be closed. Now we have an opening in front of us, and there are 2 corridors in it. Both end with a hermetic door.

The hermetic door at the end of the left corridor was open, behind it was a diesel power station. It is quite natural that the diesel power plant was located behind a separate pressurized door. This was done so that in the event of a generator explosion, the main compartments of the HE object, as well as the people hiding in them, would not suffer. But we will see the DES later. Most of all now we are interested in whether it will be possible to open the second pressurized door and what will be found behind it.

Ta-dam! Luck is on our side today! The second door was also not locked from the inside. A couple of full turns of the steering wheel - and it is open.

There was now no doubt that the object was active and being watched over. And also ... It's round! We quickly checked to see if there were any people inside, as well as any alarms. After making sure that there was neither one nor the other, they began to study and photograph the premises of the bunker.

In order to roughly navigate this post, I advise you to study the plan of the facility, as well as the layout of the maintenance group. By the way, yes: the bunker is two-story.

The entire bunker is a huge circular block with 2 floors. The exits from the facility are located both on the first and second floors. The first floor is mostly occupied by a civil defense warehouse, although on the plan it appears as a room for the sheltered. On the second floor there are technical compartments of the facility (DES, FVU, Svyaz), as well as a civil defense control center. The building itself is unique in its architecture, and there are only a few such objects in the whole of Russia. Inspection of the bunker will be correct to start from the first floor and the main entrance to the object, despite the fact that we got inside from the additional entrance.

It's funny: if you cover up the military unit to which the object belongs, it turns out that an evacuation plan has been developed for the president:

The main entrance is wide enough. This is rather not even an entrance, but an entrance, since a passenger car can easily enter the civil defense object through it. By the way, there is a known case when in the suburbs of Moscow one craftsman, who lives not far from an abandoned bomb shelter, cleared a chip and managed to adapt a forgotten GO object as a garage for his car.

So, having entered the object through the hermetic gate, we get to the first floor. We have never seen such an abundance of GO-shny junk anywhere else. Moreover, it is not only a matter of quantity, but also of variety. The owners of the facility did not confine themselves to gas masks, first aid kits, chemical protection, stretchers. There are shovels, military helmets and flasks, a full set of tools, from a hammer to a chainsaw, Soviet stopwatches, walkie-talkies, basins, boots, even cassettes with porn films, but more on that later. View towards the warehouse:

Using the stairs in the photo below, you can climb to the second floor of the object, which we will do later, but now we will continue to study the room for the sheltered, adapted for a warehouse.

From the category "well, wow ..."

Of all the GO-shny junk in the bomb shelters, for some unknown reason, there are always more gas masks.

Even here, in such an abundance, where, it would seem, you can find absolutely everything.


First aid kits and regenerative cartridge:

There are a lot of gas masks:

Reconnaissance group - carries out a reconnaissance:

First aid kit:

More first-aid kits, but teleported straight from the USSR:

These boxes contain dosimeters:



Military helmets:

More dosimeters:


In addition to all other tools, there are jacks in the boxes below:

Drinking water tank:

Let's go up to the second floor.

There is a filter ventilation room behind a separate pressurized door on the second floor.


Hermetic door to ventilation mine:

First aid simulator:

The Control Center is the highlight of this facility. The heads of various civil defense services would sit at these tables opposite each other during the big X. The impression was created that the tables were specially placed opposite each other in order to create an atmosphere of collective spirit.

Behind the back is the table of the head of the civil defense:

There is another table behind the chief. Most likely everything is for the same boss. On the end table there is a microphone into which you can make announcements for the entire GO object.

Now, in fact, the story should be told about what happened in this room. This is the communications room, which, most likely, has been converted into a sleeping place for the person on duty at the facility. So, having seen the TV, captured in the photo below, our ridiculous visitors immediately began to try to turn it on. Apparently, something was wrong with the TV antenna, and white hissing stripes appeared on the TV. - Eh! It is a pity that he does not catch. - our heroes were upset. Suddenly one of them reached for the button to turn on the video recorder on the TV. For a second, two or three, our heroes, in anxious anticipation, settled themselves in a semicircle next to the slowly developing picture of the TV. And after 10 seconds, when everything became clear, laughter lit up the room. There was a Soviet porno tape in the video.

Kerosene burners:

After inspecting the main blocks of the object, we go to the diesel generator room.

Turn right: oblique exit from the object. Behind the back there is another pressurized door leading to the diesel power station.

And here is the diesel generator itself:

After inspecting the entire facility, a group of interested visitors hastened to leave the same way as they had come. All property was left in its place.

In conclusion of the post, I would like to provide you with some informative signs and posters as a bonus, enjoy your viewing!

For obvious reasons, no terrain bindings are given in this post. The earnest request of people who have information about the location of the object - not to spread about it.

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    1. My great-grandfather was one of those “faceless builders”. He did not even tell his family anything, he took everything with him to the coffin. The legend was very simple - an ordinary metro builder.

  1. And what is characteristic is that almost always such would-be stalkers begin to complain that representatives of the authorities are beginning to pinch them. Like this is what kind of power we have, despotic ... I do not know how in Europe, but in the states of such unfortunate people, in most cases, they shoot. It is enough just to be in a protected area. I'm not talking about any government facilities.

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