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Bomb shelter "Octahedral"

One boy was very fond of wandering through the forest. He had to walk alone, since he lived in a modest village, where there were no children at all besides him ... Remembering the stories about the war that his grandfather told him in the evenings, the boy was obsessed with the desire to find at least something left from those time immemorial. He did not know, did not even guess how close he was to touching history and finding himself in not so much large, but great spaces of the underground shelter inherited by his era ...

Years have passed. The boy has grown up. I decided to remember my youth and ended up on the outskirts of the forest, where pillars of mighty trees ended and a fussy civilization began ... And a grain of history became a particle of a powerful civilization, which, by the way, does not happen often.

So, today I will talk about a few acting ZSGO designed to shelter people nearby, having a rather interesting shape - octahedral, and a rather interesting history - deep.

The report combines two separate shelters. They differ only in that in the first there are 3 main rooms, and in the second there are 2 of them, so there will be no special emphasis on each of the objects in particular in the review. Both are notable for their many interesting features. For example, within a radius of 100 meters, there are signs indicating the direction towards shelters, and, as mentioned earlier, the interior rooms have an octagonal shape.

Schematic diagram of the internal premises of the ZSGO:

If you ask me how this object is connected with the story about the boy, I will draw your attention to the fact that the ground structure of the civil defense object has a rather old type, and the arrangement of the internal premises corresponds to the modern design of shelters, does this mean that the “interiors” of the object have been updated with the advent of "civilization" in these areas? - Maybe.

Going down the sloping entrance and passing through the lock of hermetic doors, we find ourselves in such a room:

It is one of the main ones. Each of these is separated by these passages located at different ends of the room.

Some are fenced with bars, and some are of such a funny shape with wooden doors.

By the way, in this compartment of the object there is a telephone hanging on the wall, which fully works.

As in all standard civil defense facilities, in this one a separate room is allocated for the rest of the sheltered.

Placed, I believe, can be both above and below.

In this part of the facility, the sheltered can familiarize themselves with the documentation of the ZSGO and various posters that explain how to behave in a particular emergency.



The documentation part contains a diagram of the operation of water supply and sewerage systems.

Since we are talking about the technical scheme, let's talk about the technical part of the object itself.

Of course, this is a ventilation system allocated to a separate room.

It is presented in the form of several manual FVU and (?) pressure sensor.

In the neighborhood there is a plumbing unit and a pantry:

Also in the objects are located fire shields, where there are various fire extinguishing means.

Even sand has its place in the object 🙂

As for the organizational moment, there is also a kind of place for the "bosses"

By the way, tanks with drinking water hang on the walls. Whether it was there, I did not check, but I have reason to assume that there really is water.

From the other side of the same room:

Another documentation

And a table with spare bulbs)

By the way, in the photo are the very signs that are placed on the surface around the objects.

Also a table for the "bosses", where my tired partner settled down.

This is the part that got me interested.

Right next to one of the exits is a table with a battery box and a volt/ammeter.



Their purpose is not very clear to me, in particular here. Perhaps there is someone ready to explain their role to me.

Spare structures, in case of failure of the main ones:

Certificates, there are many.

And a farewell glance towards the door before leaving.

That's all, wait for new reviews, thanks!

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