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What to do under Nuclear Wave? - Schwarzenegger's bomb shelter

In this post, we will talk about a rather interesting abandoned bomb shelter with its own twist.

For a long time I have seen a lot of things in the objects of Civil Defense. There were also warehouses of radio components, and woodworking shops. Of course, all this does not meet a certain standard. Just imagine: the war starts, you run to hide - but where? To the warehouse of spare parts? Fun, well.
In fact, the topic of bomb shelters is not so much relevant now, with the development of the subway, when you need to hide in the subway. Whether it's a major man-made accident, war or the end of the world - the subway.
So we can talk about defense facilities like "free-standing bomb shelters" from a historical point of view.

I hasten to reveal the topic - what to do in a bomb shelter? First you need to get there. In any other cases, we would have used the civilian entrance for people, but since everything is illegal here today, we infiltrate into the ventilation shaft.

Yes Yes Yes. A heater is visible under the partner's body. Rusty heater of an abandoned object. It turned out that opening the heater is not the most fun thing we have to do. Directly below it is a trunk with no stairs, no steps, and no meaning. The rope saves us. AND…

I'll omit the details of the penetration, just imagine that I'm already standing in the middle of the main hall for shelters.

Yes, THIS is at my feet. And this is a punching bag. Yes, I'm standing in the middle of a boxing ring in a bomb shelter, but what's most interesting is that this is not a fight club, not a training ground for boxers, and not even a warehouse. This, gentlemen, is your leisure time during the cheerful reproduction of radiation 5 meters above.
You got it right. If suddenly you happen to wait out something in this place, you will not have much choice what to do. More precisely, no, it will, but this choice is strictly from one direction: physical training.

You can pull up, pump the press, punch the bag, lift the barbell and much more!

There is a Swedish wall, kettlebells, barbells.

Both gloves and sneakers.

It would be quite logical to find out why the place is abandoned and is not used either as a warehouse or as a defense facility in general. Let me explain - mushrooms grow on the floor, everything paper on the walls is moldy, and not only paper and not only on the floor - boxing gloves are in the same direction. They don’t follow him at all, and if anyone comes, it’s only to prop up the vent - the grating with some kind of piece of iron! However, this uninvited guests never stopped.

If only, if only, mushrooms would grow on the floor.

Throwing a farewell glance towards the "inviting" "Boris" to me, I will talk about the structure of the object itself.

There are a lot of useful things hanging on the information stand.

But we are interested in a specific scheme - an object.

The branch on the right is the main passage to the facility, a gateway with a gate.

In the upper left corner there is an emergency exit, also a gateway, but this time ordinary hermetic doors.

By the way, the person who designed this bomb shelter was either with a sense of humor, or loved everything bright and colorful. because the germs here are all colors of the rainbow simply.

Main hall for sheltered:

Civil defense control point and training class:

Public protection information posters:

Plumbing unit:

Signs placed on the surface in case of a threat:

And smoothly flowing to a rather interesting part, the technical one, I will say that the object must be ventilated, air must be filtered, electricity must be generated. It's time to go to FVK (Filtro - ventilation chamber) and Diesel - generator room.

Filtering ventilation units - FVU. We remember the designer of the shelter and notice that they are yellow-blue.

Actually, behind the herme is a ventilation system. The air enters through the pipes in the FVU, and then spreads throughout the facility.

The water heater behind the same herme heats the air before it enters the pipes.

Electronic control of PV and DES systems.

Outside the window is another room - DES, where the partner is standing.

We are moving right there. As expected, the diesel power plant is separated from the technical compartments, and from the object itself by a hermetic door.


Diesel fuel is stored in the tanks behind.

We were about to leave, but suddenly “Boris” ran up to us and decided to hug us goodbye.

We were very flattered by such a warm and good-natured reception, but we hurried to get away by rope from the trunk as soon as possible.

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