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Abandoned Jewish School "Ahey Tmimim"

Everyone who has ever studied at school probably dreamed of the idea of walking along its corridors, offices, laboratory rooms, at night, after closing.
There are those whose idea came true. And there are those who have seen even more.

Suppose four are on the threshold of great discoveries. On the road to knowledge, skills and ability development. And for these four, it doesn’t matter at all that the school has been closed neither for the night, nor for the New Year holidays, but since 2012. They are also not at all interested in the fact that she is Jewish. Let's start.

What can they do in the early evening, in an abandoned Jewish school? Study the history of the Jewish people? Maybe learn Hebrew or study Torah? No matter how! Immediately after they were in the school building, they began to play pseudo-hockey with icicles! The fact is that some smart guy opened a working fire hydrant on the second floor, and the entire first floor turned into the realm of the snow queen, in combination - a skating rink for thrill-seekers.

But I will leave the most interesting details of the ice kingdom for the end of the post, and now I will tell you about what the Jews were doing on the first floor.

Every self-respecting Jew should have a hearty meal:

An impressive feature of this school are the posters written in Hebrew.

So that children can eat tightly, cooks must work hard:

The farther we go from the hydrant, the less suitable the floor becomes for the skating rink:

Bypassing the gyms, in which there is hardly anything reminiscent of sports, we get straight into the storehouse of knowledge of all times and peoples - the school library.

From modern school curriculum textbooks to old editions of religious literature, you can find it all here!

Let's go up to the second floor. What is of interest to us here?
In addition to the traditional elementary school, middle and high school, there is a "school" for the little ones:

The building has only 4 floors, typical for a school. The floors above are the middle and high schools. Let's go to the offices.

Chemistry and biology classrooms with their laboratory assistants are worthy of special attention:

In such types of sciences, bright, living examples are always needed that reinforce fundamental knowledge. There are plenty of them here:

The chemical laboratory impressed me that all the reagents were neatly arranged in accordance with their classification:

The number of different bottles and test tubes gives rise to insidious thoughts in my head!

Amuse the assembly hall. Piano: everything you need.

In this office there was a huge amount of various literature. What exactly was studied here, I could not understand.

Everything is simpler here - geography.

English language:

Sufficiently preserved classrooms for a school abandoned in 2012, located in a very crowded place.

Mathematics room:

In this office, judging by the boxes lying on the table, they studied banking.

One of the teachers

Cabinet of Literature:

Something that only Jews can understand:

And a few more cabinets:

And now, as I promised! From the last floor we descend into the realm of the Snow Queen!

Sometimes you wonder what miracles Mother Nature and a fire hydrant do!

That's all, thanks for showing interest in my posts!

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